Re-establishing your own sense of style and confidence in dressing after making a small human, plus getting to know your post partum shape, can be daunting and overwhelming for some.
ME Fashion Director Gemma talks honestly through her existing wardrobe and go-to silhouettes, during her journey to feel ‘ME’ again after giving birth to her gorgeous daughter Clementine.
Styled and Written by
Gemma Harrison
Intro by Karen Jones Russell

by Gemma Harrison

This is an honest post, about the journey I’ve taken over the last 6 months after having Clementine. 

I wanted to share it, to help myself look at the clothes I already own and love in my wardrobe that can still work for my body shape at the moment, and in doing so, I might be able to help other people look at their wardrobe differently too.

I didn’t buy many clothes during my maternity, a couple of pairs of jeans, basic vests and t-shirts, one pair of leggings and a linen jumpsuit. I was determined to fit back into my original wardrobe as soon as possible.

For the most part, this has not happened. I know it’s still early days, I’m not putting pressure on myself, I did grow a little human in there after all but found myself focusing on the fact my clothes still didn’t fit. I’d feel uncomfortable and less confident than my usual self, so decided to do something about it.

I’m pulling out my pre-pregnancy wardrobe pieces that will work for my post-pregnancy body.

I looked at this as a positive challenge, I thought about the shapes I enjoyed wearing and what made me feel good, as I looked through my clothes, there was actually still a good selection that might work, focusing on materials and waistband styles, I began to have a try on.


First up in this series was my oversized white shirt from @CosStores, this works dressed up & down, it’s roomy, breathable and easy to wear. Here I’ve paired it with linen tie waist trousers I got a few years ago, on a trip to Cape Town, crucial waistband style for comfort and a bit of fluctuation in size. Worn with @Birkenstock felt sandals.


I tried on my co-ord set from the beautiful @beaumontorganic The boxy shape of this outfit and stretchy elastic waistband meant that it still fit, felt good and the jersey fabric added to the comfort. Their products are all organic, ethically sourced and designed in Manchester. Worn with @NewBalance trainers.


These @Cosstores dungarees are one of my favourite pairs, I think this layered style works well, giving a sense of coverage where my bump once was. At the minute I’m looking for things that don’t draw attention to that area, so I think these do the trick. This utilitarian neutral colour palette is one of my favourites too. Worn with @Monki regular fit tee and @Birkenstock felt sandals.


These @HM jeans are the only pair I’ve bought since having Clemmie, I just needed a pair that fit me properly, the high rise feels secure and I also cut the bottoms off to show a bit of ankle , this make my body shape feel more balanced. I have teamed them here with a @Zara split side knit jumper, which ticks all the boxes for comfort and adds a little style interest. Worn with @Novesta pumps.


This @HM trend jumpsuit is so comfy, but a little more fitted than I’d like to wear around where my bump was, but as as soon as I layer it up with this @HM trend cardigan, it works for me. Small additions like this are enabling me to still wear things I love, worn with @andotherstories sandals.


This @Zara boiler suit was one of the first things I put on after Clemmie was born, it’s a size Large, I usually tend to pick a S/M, but wanted this to fit looser. I’m never bothered what size the clothes are that I buy, as long as they fit me how I want them to. I feel like a size label can be a hang up for some people but don’t disregard a garment because it’s not your size. Worn with @Birkenstock felt sandals.


This is my Birthday party isolation dress from @HM, it speaks for itself really, but what attracted me the most was it’s fun bold print style and loose fit feel, worn with @Zara heels.
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Written by Creative Director & Stylist Gemma Harrison