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With close to a decade leading the Still Life Photography Industry in Manchester – there’s few challenges we’ve not accomplished.

Manchester – the Creative Capital of Northern England is leading a Creative Media Revolution, and we feel lucky to be part of this exciting transition.

In an ever advancing technological world – the power of a single photographic image is increasing – rather than diminishing.

We carefully select each project’s Still Life¬†Photographer to best suit each client’s specific requirements.

Still Life Photographer Manchester

Why Shoot Still Life Fashion in Manchester?

Manchester has a long established still life photographic fashion industry, forged in the era of large catalogue production – and mass market fashion.

More recently this has evolved into still life fashion ecommerce – and now Manchester is home to many of the UK’s most successful fashion retailers, maximising the extensive photo infrastructure available.

We specialise in helping fashion brands and retailers communicate their USP or self identity, whether they are a startup or long established brand looking to refresh.

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